Plastics were one of the first – and are still one of the most important – areas of application for STW fibre fillers that are based on cotton, polyamide, polyester and glass fibre as well as cut threads and fabric shreds.

Our fibre products are used in a wide variety of plastics, e.g. as fillers for duroplastics, thermoplastics and reactive resins. We offer a large selection of natural fibre fillers for the rapidly growing bio-composite sector.

Application areas


Bio-plastics can fully replace petroleum-based thermoplastic materials. In principle, they can be used in a large number of classic areas of application and industrial processing…

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In modern applications, plastics take on many different functions at the same time – such as aesthetic form and load-bearing structure, or abrasion-resistant surfaces and a pleasant…

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Thermosets are plastics that polymerise through a chemical reaction, e.g. synthetic resins that harden in conjunction with a hardener component. Such 2-component systems are often used…

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