Many V-belts and timing belts, seals as well as industrial and household gloves contain fibres from STW. Fibres replace the elaborate canvas in the belts, allowing for more versatility, greater flexibility and exceptionally large gear ratios.

Thanks to our fibre products, seals can be manufactured without harmful asbestos. We can also offer fibres rated safe for drinking water. Cotton fibres in industrial and household gloves ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

Application areas

Timing Belts, V-Belts

One of the best-known examples of drive belts is the V-belt. A similar variant with the same purpose is the timing belt.

In the car, the belt is used to connect and to drive…

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Pick-up and structured Rollers

These rollers are steel rollers coated with rubber. The applied rubber layer is optimised for the respective industrial process.

Areas of application:

  • Wood processing industry
  • Text…
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Elastomers are dimensionally stable, rubber-elastic and deformable plastics. Elastomers deform under tensile or compressive loads and return to their original shape after deformation.

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