Polypropylene fibre

Polypropylene (or PP for short) belongs to the polyolefin family and is the most widely used plastic in Europe in terms of quantity. This is due to its flexible areas of application, the low price of the raw material and its good processability. Its very low density together with good strength values and easy handling also make PP a very attractive starting material for fibre production. As pure polypropylene is very susceptible to oxidation from atmospheric oxygen, UV and thermal stabilisers are added during the manufacturing process. The polypropylene fibre materials offered by STW are manufactured using the melt spinning process.

Pros and cons
Polypropylene fibre Properties


  • High strength
  • Good elasticity
  • Hydrophobic and therefore very resistant to mould
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Low density (specific weight)


  • Only UV-resistant thanks to stabilisers

Polypropylene fibre
Manufacturing process

Polypropylene is manufactured using organometallic catalysed polymerisation. Either the Ziegler-Natta catalysts (named after their inventors) or the somewhat more recent metallocene catalysts are used here. Depending on the catalyst used and the required property profile, isotactic or syndiotactic polypropylene can be produced. The good and easy processability of polypropylene allows a variety of fibre production options. Primarily, a variety of melt spinning techniques are used. Fibres based on the film-to-fibre or meltblow process are also available.

Polypropylene fibre Programme

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technology and
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State-of-the-art laboratory facilities, quality management according to ISO 9001:2015, energy management according to ISO 50001:2018 and last but not least the high demands on our own work ensure the high quality standards of our Polypropylene fibre. See for yourself.

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