Fibre recommendations for bitumen reinforcement in thick asphalt layers are provided under the ‘Asphalt’ application. The fibres in bitumen coatings and waterproofing systems are used to reinforce the matrix and increase the rheology, but other effects such as temperature resistance and corrosion protection are essential here depending on the application.

Fibres reinforce waterproofing systems and bitumen coatings used in the following end uses:
• External sealing of buildings
• Vertical and horizontal applications
• Sealing of retaining walls
• Bonding of insulation and lightweight panels
• Coverings on different substrates
• Sealing and coating for exposed concrete roofs
• Sealing systems with fire resistance
• Protective coatings of foundations against chemical attack
• Applications that require greater resistance to water pressure
• Sealing of joints
• Pipe ducts against ground moisture
• Roof waterproofing repair systems
• Protective coatings against corrosion
• Sealing and protection systems for bridge and tunnel construction

Function of the fibre:
• Better flow behaviour
• Greater corrosion resistance
• Increased adhesive strength
• Higher rheology
• Greater crack resistance
• Improved UV and alkali resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Increased wear resistance