Mineral Fibres

By spinning a melt of inorganic rock materials and sands, fibres are obtained that are assigned to the group of mineral fibres. The core of our product group is formed by fibre fillers and fibre short cuts based on rock wool, glass fibres and basalt fibres. Mineral fibres are particularly characterised by high heat resistance and are non-flammable. Despite the high energy input during fibre production, we can offer you mineral fibres as an economically equivalent and attractive alternative to polymer-based fibre fillers thanks to our efficient processing methods.

Basalt fibre

Basalt fibres are produced by melt spinning a mass of molten basalt heated to a temperature of 1400 °C. The diameters of the…

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Glass fibre

If long, thin threads are drawn from a glass melt, this produces glass fibres. These technically very flexible fibres are…

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Mineral wool fibre

Mineral wool fibres (also known as stone wool fibres) are produced by melt-spinning a mass of molten stone at a temperature…

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