STW fibres are used in a whole range of special papers – such as indicator papers in medicine, security papers for banknotes and ID cards, as well as decorative papers, non-woven wallpapers and friction papers for couplings.

In these applications, they also improve the dimensional stability, tear strength, wet strength and folding strength. For heat-sealable papers, we offer special polyolefin fibres as well as fibrids and pulp. 

Application areas

Special, Decoration, Wallpaper

With decorative papers and wallpapers, the focus is not so much on technical requirements as on appealing visual features. STW fibres are used as colouring components and as components…

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Security Paper

Banknotes are by far the largest group of security papers. Ultimately, this includes all papers for official forgery-proof documents (passports, securities, cheques, certificates,…

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Flat Gaskets

Flat gaskets are widely used in mechanical and apparatus engineering. Here, they are normally used to seal pipelines where the medium to be sealed can be liquid or gaseous. Flat gaskets…

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