Concrete, Shotcrete, Cement

Fibre concrete is a concrete that has fibres added to increase its tensile strength, impact strength, deformability, crack resistance and other mechanical properties.

Fibre concrete is found in the following construction areas:
Precast concrete parts, industrial floors, 3-D printed concrete, decorative concrete, traffic areas, shotcrete, gap floors, bridge construction, coastal and port constructions (marine), underground construction, sustainable concrete, water structures, furniture design concrete, ready mix concrete, lightweight concrete, base plates

Function of the fibre:
The requirements for fibres vary depending on the construction area and mixture. The following advantages can be achieved by selecting the right fibre type, however:

  • Higher cohesion
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Better flexural strength
  • Increased green strength (in green concrete)
  • Minimised cracking
  • Improved resilience and ductility
  • Enhanced toughness and abrasion resistance
  • Time saving and cost reduction
  • Higher freeze/thaw resistance
  • Reduced protective layer in reinforced concrete
  • Increased rheology