Exhaust Repair Compound

The exhaust pipe is part of the car’s exhaust system and has the function of directing the exhaust gases produced during combustion in an engine to the outside. The exhaust pipe is subject to slow wear from different stresses, such as heat, dirt, vibration, moisture and road salt.

Over the years, the exhaust material consisting of steel, light alloy or cast iron weakens due to corrosion. Cracks and holes appear in the exhaust pipe. Indications are a possible smell of exhaust gases in the interior or the car becomes louder.

A special exhaust repair paste is available to repair these cracks and holes and is applied cold to the area to be treated. After a drying time of 24 hours, the exhaust repair paste hardens and leads to a high-temperature-stable, firm and durable closure, thus sealing the exhaust.

The exhaust repair paste comes in paste form and is available in different packaging sizes.

Adding our glass fibre extends the storage stability, which means that the addition of our short-cut fibres counteracts premature drying and reduces the separation of the material.

This also avoids stress cracks when the exhaust repair paste hardens and increases the strength of the hardened exhaust repair paste.

Fibre recommendation