Fire Protection Applications

Synthetic microfibres significantly improve the fire resistance of the concrete.

The use of synthetic fibres in tunnel construction can have a positive effect on fire resistance. When heat is generated, the fibres melt, and small capillary cavities form in the concrete. If a fire breaks out in the tunnel, the resulting water vapour pressure can escape into the cavities, thus preventing the concrete from spalling.

Due to their high temperature resistance, other mineral microfibres can increase the thermal insulation of the concrete element, thus significantly delaying damage in the event of a fire.

Function of the fibre:
• Higher acid and alkali resistance
• Greater resistance to ageing
• Reduction in defects that arise in the case of less-than-optimum steel reinforcement
• High plastic deformation under high temperature loads
• Prevention of corrosion damage
• Improved fire behaviour by reducing spalling in the event of a fire
• Greater impact and wear resistance