Levelling Compound, Self-Levelling Compounds, Floor Coatings

The fibre requirements in this area vary depending on the floor covering and application surface. Depending on the thickness of the coating, fibres can be used in short-cut and filler form.

The following systems are usually reinforced with fibres:
• Intermediate floor coverings
• Coverings for renovation and refurbishment work
• Industrial floor coverings
• Concrete primer coverings
• Coverings on natural stone or wooden substrates
• Indoor and outdoor floor coverings
• Floor coverings for asphalt substrates

Function of the fibre:
• High compressive and flexural strength
• Improved flow behaviour
• Increased corrosion resistance
• Accelerated curing
• Greater adhesive strength
• Increased rheology
• Great elasticity
• High alkali resistance
• Very good dispersibility