Marine Coating

The area of marine coatings uses fibres in various forms (short cut, filler and pulp).

The term ‘marine coating’ is very diverse and has many sub-areas such as:

  • Exterior coatings of commercial ships (tourism and logistics)
  • Exterior and interior coatings of commercial ships (oil and gas tankers, military marine)
  • Boats and yachts
  • Offshore installations (oil rigs and production platforms)

The requirements fibres have to meet in this area can vary widely, such as commercial corrosion protection, resistance of tanker interior coatings, fire protection coatings, military marine interiors, reinforcement of base plates and production platforms, or decorative flooring in yacht interiors.

Function of the fibre:

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Greater temperature resistance
  • Higher acid and alkali resistance
  • Greater resistance to ageing
  • Reinforced acoustic insulation in the interior area 
  • Fire resistance and fire protection
  • High resistance to impact and wear stresses
  • Increased thixotropy