In modern applications, plastics take on many different functions at the same time – such as aesthetic form and load-bearing structure, or abrasion-resistant surfaces and a pleasant feel. To meet such complex property profiles, functional fillers are added to the base polymer to improve mechanical and thermal characteristics in the polymer system or in the finished part.

Among the many possible active fillers, glass fibre and aramid are particularly noteworthy. Glass fibre is used where greater rigidity, strength or better surface hardness are required. Aramid fibres are used when extreme impact strength, material damping and abrasion resistance are paramount. This enables moulded part constructions that allow creative freedom and strengthen components while saving on material, i.e. weight and costs. Such fibre-reinforced compounds are used in high-performance interior and exterior automotive parts, in shells and housings for consumer electronics, switchgear and installation technology or in leisure and sports equipment.