Thermosets are plastics that polymerise through a chemical reaction, e.g. synthetic resins that harden in conjunction with a hardener component. Such 2-component systems are often used as industrial adhesives, but also as floor coatings, protective coatings and special paints.


Fibre fillers are primarily used in these areas with the aim of precisely setting the flow properties, because after the components have been mixed, the processing of the plastic is time-critical so it should be quick and easy, with a defined layer thickness. If large quantities or thick layers of a 2C adhesive are used, the fibre also has a thermoregulatory effect, i.e. the chemical reaction is exothermic. Other properties of the adhesive/plastic layer can also be affected, such as the electrical conductivity, for example.


Specific application examples include anti-corrosion coatings in the maritime sector (oil platforms, ships, bridges, etc.) and adhesive pastes in the connection of dynamically highly stressed parts (wind turbines, vehicle bodies, boat hulls, etc.)