Tile Adhesive

STW fibres are mixed into the tile adhesive matrix in order to create a reinforced adhesive layer. This layer serves to optimise the space between the adhesive and tile and between the tile and substrate. The fibre also reduces deformation forces and shear stresses.

Fibre-reinforced tile adhesive is used in various end applications:
• For bonding ceramic tiles for showers, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and terraces
• In wall and floor heating
• For indoor and outdoor use
• For large formats
• Bonding of split tiles, concrete blocks as well as insulating and expansion panels

and on different substrates:
• Concrete
• Natural and artificial stone
• Heated screeds
• Cement plasters
• Lime plasters
• Screeds

Function of the fibre:
• Greater resistance to water and frost
• Better adhesion and flexibility
• Increased resistance to ageing
• Provides good resistance to deformation and shear
• Enhanced hydraulic hardening
• Improved rheology

Fibre recommendation