Mineral wool fibre

Mineral wool fibres (also known as stone wool fibres) are produced by melt-spinning a mass of molten stone at a temperature of 1400 °C. The diameters of the filaments obtained in this way are generally between 10–20 μm. Mineral wool fibres are mainly used in insulating material, reinforcement of plastics and as optical fibres. To achieve better bonding to the plastic matrix in the field of fibre-reinforced materials, mineral wool fibres are often finished with a silane sizing.

Pros and cons
Mineral wool fibre Properties


  • High tensile strength (higher than glass fibres)
  • Exceptional temperature resistance
  • Non-flammable
  • UV-stable
  • Natural product
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low melting bead content


  • High density (specific gravity)
  • Not electrically conductive

Mineral wool fibre
Manufacturing process

After the stone has been crushed and cleaned, it is melted at 1450 °C and, after pressing, drawn through nozzle holes into filaments with a diameter of 10–20 µm. The filaments are also finished with a silane sizing agent for better matrix adhesion. In the next process, the filaments are spun into yarn, combined into a roving or ground into filler.

Mineral wool fibre Programme

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