Putty, Filler, Reinforcing Fillers

Putty is a collective term for adhesives and sealants, which is often used with the material to be joined. The putty matrix can be either a natural or synthetic base. 

The area of application is very varied and ranges from repairing damage in various construction applications, such as dents in car bodies and boats, to filling joints and much more. 

Putty is a paste-like material that is used for repair work on a variety of surfaces (e.g. in plastering, model and bodywork construction). 

Some putty systems:
• Repair putties
• Cement putty
• Resin putty
• Reinforcing putty
• Dispersion putty

Function of the fibre:

Moisture regulation
The fibres reinforce the level of protection against penetrating moisture.
Special short fibres are used to increase the absorbency of the putty applied to water-based adhesives.  

Mechanical resistance
Technical fibres are primarily used in repair and reinforcing fillers to increase the mechanical properties. The greater strength and avoidance of crack formation in applications such as substrate repair is achieved by the addition of short-cut fibres and fibre fillers.

The elastic fillers that are bonded with cement or calcium sulphate are usually reinforced with short-cut or filler fibres in order to achieve the required flexibility in the matrix.